Link Spam to Avoid

4 Types of Link Spam to Avoid

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Since the dawn of online marketing and the advancement of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website owners have been in a rush to get their sites ranked in the first pages of search engines. This desire to rank higher and get favorable user rating has led to the rise, use, and abuse of several SEO techniques.

One way that site owners have been using to rank high and drive traffic to their sites is links. The rush by marketers to get better ranking has led them to abuse or overuse links and in the end, tools that were initially well-intentioned are becoming counterproductive.

Some of the negative results of these link building strategies are a reduction in the traffic that they were originally built to increase and lower ranking in same search engines. The reason behind the drop in ranking and traffic is that search engines are now suspicious of such links and are treating them as spam.

This article, therefore, endeavors to explore four types of the link spam that you need to avoid so that you can stay safe on the eyes of search engines and your online visitors.

Profile Spam

Even though at the moment you may not fall into trouble with search engines over such links, you need to be careful. This reason for caution here is that you may run into trouble with readers and hurt your reputation if your profile anchor text and name are not matching your site’s name.

Comment spam

Comment spam is another type of link spam you need to avoid especially if you are a blogger. Such links are some of the ways that some blog owners who have unfiltered followed links use to sugarcoat old and unread blogs with the aim of making them look fresh. Even though this technique is ancient in Internet years, it’s still a common practice today. Make sure you’re on the lookout for it.

Footer Links

These types of links used to be a hot cake in the early days of the internet revolution but not any longer. However, the recent updating of Google’s Penguin means that these links, even well-intentioned ones, can hurt your site because Google cannot distinguish between a genuine footer link and a spam link.

Link Farms

The last type of link spam you need to avoid is link farms where people seek to get links from or linked to sites that they are not related to or poor quality sites with the aim of boosting online visibility. If you need links, get them from relevant and high ranked sites.

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